Image, Branding, and Corporate Identity

Unimeta is specialized in developing brand strategies and integrated communications projects – from corporate identity to advertising – for companies, associations, institutions, and public agencies.

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Branding, when defined as the design and development of a corporate image, is a fundamental strategic effort in terms of establishing the right brand identity, recognition and positioning in the market.

Our meticulous study of a company’s characteristics, qualities, skills, and professionals allows us to identify which factors are required in order to accurately transmit the brand awareness and establish proper differentiation from competitors.

  • naming
  • brand/logo design
  • corporate identity
  • coordinated image
  • communication strategy
  • marketing mix
  • integrated communication

Naming, Logo, and Corporate Guidelines

Unimeta generates branding strategies, company naming and pay-offs, brand/logo for companies and products including: defining corporate colors, typography and key visuals, and drafting guidelines which collectively determine the corporate identity.

Coordinated Image

Unimeta designs a coordinated corporate image in alignment with the brand strategy, making use of all of the brand’s communication materials, including sharable, informative and promotional content for online and offline use: company letterheads, business cards, folders, brochures, catalogues, customized vehicles, staff uniforms, and any other special requests.

We design projects and plan activities to help brands reach their corporate objectives.