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Unimeta designs and builds digital communication strategies, corporate websites, online promo campaigns, strategic planning, and oversees the management of corporate social media accounts.

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The rapid evolution of online communication continues to increase its relevance. Every day, people come into contact with a massive amount of information, proposals, and offers.

Outstanding professionalism and constant updating are required to move effectively in this crowded world. In order to meet the desired objectives, we must know all the rules and dynamics to provide high-profile creativity and produce truly interesting content.

  • digital strategy
  • web design
  • website building
  • landing pages
  • social media management
  • SEO optimization
  • App development
  • online marketing

Web Design and Website Building

Websites are the primary business communication tool. They represent the official corporate voice, the primary source of information for news and updates about the company and its products and services. Websites are a fundamental part of the integrated communication strategy, the main reference point which all other tools refer to.
Unimeta designs and builds websites that are the perfect balance between design and functionality (UX). We interpret the client’s specific needs according to their corporate identity.

Responsive Design

A responsive design must always guide the logic behind a website, in order to ensure maximum performance on all devices, both desktop and mobile, in order to offer an optimal navigation experience which accounts for different screen dimensions, whether seen on smartphones, tablets or large-format monitors.

SEO Optimization and Copywriting

Properly curating content is a decisive factor when it comes to online website visibility and search engine ranking (SEO, SEM). Unimeta verifies, coordinates and produces all copy and images to make sure they will be optimally ranked online.

Landing Pages, Digital Promotion, E-Marketing

In order for one’s voice to be heard and to hit the right target, resources and time must be dedicated to the right professional outlets. Online visibility must be earned.
Web marketing includes a series of tools that must be understood and implemented according to corporate strategies. Google Ads, advertising banners, newsletters, email marketing (DEM) and the creation of a dedicated landing page are all interesting opportunities worth considering and implementing according to the brand’s communication goals.

Social Media Management

The communication flow of private individuals and companies on social networks involves a huge amount of messages, images, and interactions that service providers monitor and promote according to service rationales and utility. Unimeta creates content and manages corporate accounts on all the primary social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We curate promotional campaigns and sponsored ads and coordinate activities in order to optimize investments on all available online channels.

We develop digital strategies and build and manage corporate online communication.
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