Graphics and Design

The recent developments in communication and advertising have accentuated the multi-channel nature of business information, thus emphasizing the central role of graphics and design in the creation of all communication formats.

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The first relevant aspect of well integrated communication is corporate identity recognition across all channels and communication tools.

A custom design that is clear, unique, and coherent is an effective diffusion tool for the brand and the products and services it offers. Furthermore, it is a concrete contribution in terms of building brand awareness.

  • advertising graphics
  • company magazines
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • packaging
  • web design
  • illustrations

Graphic Design

Design and content must be perfectly integrated in order to transmit messages clearly, so they can be instantly perceived and understood. Unimeta has a dynamic graphics team composed of highly experienced art directors and developers, who provide significant technical know-how which allows us to create graphic projects of all kinds, both printed and digital. We create original illustrations and are highly skilled at rendering still and moving images.

Layout and Graphics Production

Unimeta develops custom designs to make your brand unique and recognizable in every format: company magazines, brochures, catalogues, flyers, advertising posters, packaging, customized company cars, welcome kits, corporate gifts, web posts, icons, graphics for the web, etc.

A Coordinated Image

The quality of the corporate image can never be of secondary importance, since brand reputation is expressed through all levels of communication. Every single external expression that is perceivable to the public must be professionally curated with care.

We provide graphic design and concepts to communicate the brand identity coherently.
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